Welcome to the Stoke Gabriel Community Land Trust

Hello, we’re a group of people living in Stoke Gabriel, with jobs and families here. We’ve come together to find an answer to the lack of genuinely affordable housing in the village. To do this we’ve formed the Stoke Gabriel Community Land Trust (SGCLT) this is a Community Benefit Society – run for the benefit of the community with all profits re-invested back in the community - and we are formally regulated by the FCA.

ANYONE can join our SGCLT and become a member - even if you don't need an affordable home - but want to show your support. The more members we have, the stronger the community backing we can demonstrate, to get affordable housing built here.

Affordable homes - a lifeline for healthy communities.

 Affordable housing keeps villages like ours alive. It ensures young people can stay in their community, provides homes for people in key local jobs and addresses the impact of empty holiday homes on the vitality of the village as a whole.

“85% of people said they would be in favour of a small development of affordable housing for local people.”
Stoke Gabriel Housing Need Survey 2015

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide much needed homes for people on a low to middle income, who live, work and have family connections in Stoke Gabriel. These are for people who fall in the gap between being able to buy on the open market and being eligible for housing association properties.
We aim to build a small number of permanently affordable homes in the village - probably 10-12 - matching the village’s Housing Need’s Survey. This is a new approach to housing here. The CLT homes would cost closer to 50% of open market value, making them genuinely affordable, in contrast to ‘affordable’ houses built by large profit driven Housing companies, and priced at 80% of open market rate - still out of reach to ordinary working people. We are working with National experts on affordable housing to achieve our aim. 

“CLT affordable housing, starts and ends with local people, rather than profits and share prices.”

What’s different about CLT housing?

CLT housing pays close attention to local housing need, is innovative, built to high standards, uses environmentally sensitive designs, and is most importantly affordable. It gives priority to providing homes for local people which they can call their own for as long as they wish.

When people live in affordable homes positive things happen. Relieved from the stress of high rents, there is at last opportunity to save money, undertake education and training and to confidently get on with their lives, knowing they can stay in their local community.  

How it works

Land is donated to the CLT by a village benefactor or bought at a special rate, so keeping costs down. Government grants are available to finance the scheme, in conjunction with special avenues via Planning that help this process. Following planning permission, homes are designed and custom built by professionals, using local firms and involving some hands-on work from CLT members to finish them off. 


Each CLT house is part owned by an individual (with a small mortgage) and part owned by the CLT, providing long-term housing security for people. Houses cannot be sold on the open market, but are re-allocated to local people eligible for affordable housing. In this way the houses are a protected village asset and remain affordable long term.

We are working in collaboration with South Hams District Council, who currently have a fund of £2.88million to support affordable housing developments.